Somers Point Rheumatology Services

Patient Testominals


"Dear Dr. J. Halko, Thank you so very much for the wonderful medical care you have provided me. I thank you for your continued care. Thank you again and and again. God bless your hands!"

Judy M.

Somers Point, NJ





"Dr. Halko, Thank you for recognizing my problems and saving my life. I will always remember your kindness. The words "thank you" are just not enough."

Sally A.

Linwood, NJ





"Dear Dr. Halko, It has been three weeks since that fateful day when we first came to your office hoping to find the real reason for Ken's rapidly deteriorating condition and fearful of what we might find. It has also been a nightmarish roller coaster ride since that day. Thanks to you and your willingness to see him on such short notice, I can now report that he is home and reconvering nicely. He spend four days in ICU and received 4 units of blood, but, as Dr. Nachtigall put it, we went ten rounds with Mohammed Ali in his prime. Words cannot truly express the deep gratitude that we feel for your diligent and thorough examination of Ken's symptoms and condition and the only lab report available at that time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everything! For seeing him, for the time you spend evaluating, for reaching beyond the norm and pinpointing the not so obvious, for setting the wheels in motion for a great team of doctors to take over and for giving them the head's up on what you suspected. Had you not done those things, this whole scenario may have had a tragically different outcome. We will be forever grateful. God bless you and your family."

Ken & Debbie G.

Northfield, NJ




"I want to thank you for the care you have given my mom... ( nobody really wants to go into a nursing home those places smell and bad things can happen to people you love). Mostly I want to thank you for the care you have given her the last few years. Not just the physical pain that you treated, but you also treated her with respect, kindness and patience. You are a very special person Dr. Halko and I pray God will bless you richly."

Andrea I.

Somers Point, NJ